My favorite projects

Union Coop Al Warqa, Dubai

Successful completion of the biggest Union Coop Hypermarket innovative project, High-quality Alucopanel® A2 was used for the facade of the Union Coop Hypermarket in Al Warqa. Proud to say that 16,000 sqm of Alucopanel® A2 was used in this project, and it has resulted in a truly innovative design for the hypermarket. Grey color of Alucopanel® used created a creative facade, which adds to the modern and updated scenic place. It has captured the attention of its patrons and dispersed a positive ambiance.

Adnoc Fuel Stations

Successful experience of supplying the high quality Alucopanel A2-grade in more than 30 Adnoc Fuel Stations across the UAE. This product has proven to be exceptional in terms of durability and resistance against external factors. Alucopanel A2 has been licensed by all the emirates in the UAE, which makes it a reliable and safe option for any type of construction project.


Total of 10,000 sqm of Alucopanel® FR has been successfully installed in the Ikea Jeddah, Saudi Arabia project. Alucopanel® FR is known for its durability, sturdiness, and reliability.